Tuesday, 29 June 2010

painted alice

here she is, this little lady I started on saturday, I got her finished yesterday evening.   she is a present for my lovely mother in law linda, whos birthday was sunday, she loves alice in wonderland, I am going to deliver her later, hope she likes her! hugs m xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

a mini mixed media

I was soooooo inspired by Suzanne Woolcotts art journal page, you can see it here,  that it got me up and I started painting!  I used everything that I love, buttons, gorjuss stamps, paint, distress inks, tim stamps, buttons and vintage book papers.  I am going to make a little hangey thingey to attached to this piece, so I can hang her over my desk, hugs m xxx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

whats on your workdesk wednesday

I made it! finally I get to play along this wednesday, oh ladies I have sooooooooooooo missed you all and all the fun of WOYWW, I have missed your desks, your creations and our friendships, I am so happy to be back this week!

I had a fit yesterday and re arranged my desk yet again, I wonder will I ever get it right and have everything to hand and pretty at the same time?? me thinks it aint going to happen!

you can see some fan wheel/flower/dollie thingies on the left with butterflies on them, these are going to be put on sticks and placed in a flower pot, will post a  pic when I get them finished today :)

I really hope blogger has stopped playing up on me and that I can get to leave you comments, I tried again to leave a few comments for my followers but no joy, blogger would not cooperate :(  I must go through all my blog settings and make sure nothing has changed.  I Really hope I can get to visit you all, if you dont get a comment please know that I visited you and tried, hugs m xx


Monday, 21 June 2010

blogger not co-operating!

I have been trying to leave everyone who has visited me the last while a comment on their blog, but when I click to add my comment and select my profile it just disappears!!!!!!!!!  I have copied & pasted, nothing is working!!!!  So please please dont think that I am being rude, I am trying to swing by and let you all know how much your comments over the last while have meant to me, thank you all so much, they so lifted my spirits xxx

Saturday, 19 June 2010

a little lady in red...

...............yes your eyes are not decieving you, I made a card, can not remember how many weeks have passed since I have made one.  this little lady I have named "flo", she reminds me of florence and the machine with her red hair, a colour I soon hope to have my hair when I scrape some funds together.  I coloured her using my distress inks and used basic grey paper, hugs m xx

Friday, 18 June 2010

hey my lovely blog friends, I am still here, just about.  I have been ill and in hospital, I am home now and trying to recover & cope.  It has been a very difficult few weeks, things got so dark, but I am slowly starting to come out good now bit by bit.  

I havent done anything crafty up until last night when a few good friends came to visit me, we all sat around and had a little play session with loads of lovely chat and loads of chocolate!  I started on a card, but have just to add a few more bits to her and hopefully will get to share her with you this weekend.  

hugs m xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

mojo gone

nothing, zilch, nada coming off my desk at the moment, I have done anything, there is a layer of dust settling on everything!  everything got super busy here very quickly!  hopefully I can churn out something this week :)  I received this award too from Lyn and will be popping back to share it with all you lovely bloggers, happy tuesday, hugs m xx