Monday, 21 March 2011

love birds

bit of a sassafrass addiction going on at the moment, its all I seem to be working on!!!

warning if you dont like soppey, romantic or lovey dovey stuff....................look away now! :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

pretties.......a book of my favorite things

morning :) still no sleeping been done here on my part so I got finishing a book that I am going to fill with all my favorite things..............that will take a life time knowing me!!!!  I finished 4 pages and covers, hope you likey, this little book makes me very happy! 
having a movie day with goodies for me and the little goose, have a lovely sunday wherever in the world you are xxx

Friday, 18 March 2011

configurations box of geegaws

hello bloggers, I finally got this finished today, it has been on my desk for nearly 2 weeks waiting to be filled :)  I had to improvise with some stuff......... and I mean improvise big time, I don't have alot of "lord tims" embellishments, so I had to make do with what I had and could find in my box of bits, the legs are beads, corner is a "snipped away until I have a corner necklace piece", the white doll was replaced with a white plastic cherub that I got off a bottle of wine, the little bottle was one I had for holding glitter, so got distressing its shiny lid, and the rest of the bits are some of my lifetimes collection of stuff, I have been picking up bits since I was a kid, knowing that I liked them, had no real use for and one day would know what to do with them, and this box let me do that :) the brooch I got when I was a kid at a market, the pen nips are from a box that my nana used to use to write her letters, the pearl silver gem was from an antique shop.........just a huge and little collection of all vintage'y things I have been picking up like a magpie since the year dot! so there you have it my collection of geegaws :)..............all of course inspired by the talented tim:) (the configuation box was a gift from karen who took his class...thank you hunnyxx) have a lovely weekend xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

some more makes :)


hellooooooooooo!!!!  doing a middle of the night post as I cant sleep, I reckon if I mess about on the pooter for a bit I will tire the auld eyes out and want to sleep!  so just going to share some of the samples I have done for my demos, the rest are up on my do's gallery.  I made some jewellery today too so will share that with you tomorrow when I have some nice light for some photos, hope you are all happily now to give it another go myself!, hugs m xx

Friday, 4 March 2011

docrafts creativity issue 26

hello lovely bloggers, hope you are all well, just wanted to share with you something I had to keep a little lid on for a few months now, I was asked to contribute to docrafts creativity magazine I am proud & sooooo happy to be published in the lateset issue of creativity, which hit the shops this week, it is available at any shop both in bricks and mortar and online that is a docrafts stockists, loved creating for them and so happy about it, still doing a little happy dance!!! there will be more to come as I am working with some gorgeous goodies for the may issue, just wait until you see what they have coming!! okedoke time to get back to it, hope you get to pick up a copy, would love for you to see all that is in it, so many ideas and a lovely bonus of a free paper pretty pack and stamp too, which is always a good thing for us crafters, hope you all have a lovely weekend, thanks for popping by, hugs m xx