Tuesday, 15 March 2011


hellooooooooooo!!!!  doing a middle of the night post as I cant sleep, I reckon if I mess about on the pooter for a bit I will tire the auld eyes out and want to sleep!  so just going to share some of the samples I have done for my demos, the rest are up on my do's gallery.  I made some jewellery today too so will share that with you tomorrow when I have some nice light for some photos, hope you are all happily sleeping.....off now to give it another go myself!, hugs m xx


Sandra said...

I'm loving the rosette flowers :)

craftynan said...

hiya loveley cards lovin the vintage look of them and the paper rosette flowers are cute x i know all about the not sleeping thing and i do the same pop the computer on and hope to drift off but i usually come across some great bogs and the reverse happens i am wide awake