Thursday, 29 April 2010

I will............


created this page on tuesday using a sketch from creative scrappers, I had been routing through a box of old photos and just had to scrap this one of my sister and I.....................she is gonna kill me when she finds out I put it up on the internet! teeehhhhheeeee!!!  hugs m xx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

its wednesday, WOYWW time

 yes its god who is stealing these weeks, we need to have serious words!!!  time to share my shamefuly messy desk again this week on "whats on your workdesk wednesday"  and do you know what I am not really ashamed...this is me creating and happy.  I only kid myself trying to keep it tidy because deep down I know it wont happen, its just not me!  so I have given you a few photos this week to nosey over ladies.....enjoy! off now to brave the school run and supermarket....hugs m xx

Monday, 26 April 2010

all aboard!

finally completed my titanic layout, photo and boarding passes have been on my desk for 3 weeks now.  

we had all headed up to the titanic exhibition in dublin on easter monday for a family day out, it was an amazing and moving experience to see all of the relics they have brought up from the wreck site of this great ship, learn about her passengers and soak up what was truly a once in a life time opportunity, we really really enjoyed it.  so here she is my contribution to her memory.  I tried to make everything look like it sat at the bottom of the ocean for nearly 100 years, so I was happily distressing!
hugs m xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

addicted to patterend paper scraps

......I can not stop, everything that has been made at my little desk the last few weeks has been done using my bits from my scraps basket!  deep deep down I think a phobia is starting to develop that is stopping me from cutting up lovely new sheets of patterened paper.....I am long into the stage of buying 2 of each for cutting and one for stroking, but I think I am taking it to far now!

so here are my offerings, here are the quick cards I was working on the other week, all your woywwers out there will have spotted these on my desk, and when I say quick they took no more than ten minutes each, and I made myself not ink a single edge and resist the urge to fire up the sewing machine.  birdie house's are from a papertrey template and I made some atcs too.  these atcs are up for grabs if anyone is interested in doing a swap, just leave me a message.

heading out to a friends house later tonight for a scrap night, so looking forward to it, hugs m xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


'tis another wednesday...I would like to know who is fast forwarding these weeks, since I became truly addicted to snooping at other lovely crafters desks the weeks are just zooming by at full speed...either that or I am getting old rapidly!  I love my little routine each wednesday morning now, thanks to julia the founder of woyww.  I get my post done while having my coffee listening to the kids fighting over the toothpaste and getting uniforms on for school.  

I took a pic from a different angle this week as my desk is well and truly a tip!  I made some butterflies too to pimp up my lamp shade, so I am sharing those with you also.....and you can seethe yummy edward cullen in the background!  off now to get kids to school then back to have a nose at what you ladies are up to this week, hugs m xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

my loves birthday

this card is for a very very special person.......a person who gives me strength, who loves me completely, bad bits and all, knows me inside out & upside down, he loves with all his heart,  the best daddy in the world and my best friend.....happy birthday baby, love you xx

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

desk time

 can not believe how fast the weeks are going!!  its wednesday so that means WOYWW.

firstly I am showing you how I made a box of truffle eggs disappear...............and in one sitting too! yum yum...even though I did go a funny shade of green!  was almost the same shade as "shabby shutters"!!

secondly a few of you lovely ladies wanted to see my pin board......which has mix of stuff, brooches I made , badges, and a pic of our craft god  "tim"................................and finally a pic of the bomb site itself!!!!  I was determined to make quick cards yesterday using only paper scraps and embellishments (excluding my lovely gems!!!) that I never use, so that I had a little stash of cards at hand in the case of an emergency! and I got 4 made, plan on another 4 today! 

looking forward to having a nose at your lovely spaces today ladies!

{{hugs}} m xx

Friday, 9 April 2010

finished tilda

taadaa!!!!!!!!!! about time, I only started her this day last week!  only for all you lovely WOYWW's were wanting to see her finished I would not have got her done....boy I need that boot up the backside everyweek!
I am going to enter this little lady on the "Just Magnolia" challenge blog this week, they are looking for something punched....and I got happy punching with my leaf punch!

and also over on "Quixotic Challenges", the lovely Elaine is calling for Spring themed,  which is a perfect chance to show off the lovely flowers I got from Elaines shop!

off now to tackle yet more clothes washing as we are having lovely weather here so I have to take advantage of it to get the drying done!

hugs m xx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

my desk on wednesday

 woyww time of week YAY!!!! there has not been much happening on this desk since last has been all go go go here since then with the easter weekend and I squeezed in my first ikea visit too I am hooked on storage!   I started work on a magnolia stamp and as you can see I got no further than her skin....I am determined to get her on a card today before I head out to madhatters craft club tonight! hugs xx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

my new forest friends

I love my new deer friend from the greeting farm, he is just reminds me of bambi!  this is my entry for crafty creations this week, the theme is anything goes!

my tim book did not arrive yesterday, I was so dissappointed so fingers and everything crossed that is comes today!  the little lady in the house here has her first appointment with the hairdressers at lunch time today, she is getting a fringe and loads cut from the there is a daily battle here every morning with her and the hairbrush..that involves tears on both sides and it is a welcomed goodbye to her long hair...for the sake of my sanity!

hugs m xx