Saturday, 25 August 2007

Altamont Gardens

After a week of not wanting to leave the house, goosey and myself headed off on a spur of the moment visit to Altamont Gardens. Wow, I have never been there this time of the year, the colours the smells....................! Instand smiles from Sophie and a skip in her step.
We walked around though rose gardens, by the lake, across the lawns and through spooky walkways, sophie thought it was Halloween! This spured her mind to what she was going to dress up at Halloween for.........................."Peter Pan, I think I will be Peter Pan" and that was that, for today anyway!
We came across the ducks, brown, coloured and white!! Sophie thought the white ones where swans, bless her. We picked up some acorns, leaves and twigs which she announced is her "Collection". On the way home to end a perfect afternoon we stopped in the Bakery for a fresh swiss cream and madarine roll, yum yum. Will post the love pics up later of sophie with the duckies when I figure how to get the photos off the phone, went off without the camera again!

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