Sunday, 11 November 2007

Post Crop!

Had a wonderful day yesterday, got a beautiful double LO done, thanks to Laineys wonderful class, and some much needed retail therapy done, supplied by Annamarie from Scrapbook Store and Linda's shop! We then hit (Lollie, Dewdrop, Sandie and myself) Blancharstown shopping centre for more retail therapy!!! (insert eye roll) Thanks Debs for the yummy M&S cookies for the car on the way home, they were just what the doc ordered, absolutely gorgeous, nearly ripped lollies one from her!

Haven't inserted any pics on my LO yet, so I am going to work on that today, and will post a pic up later. Also going to attempt the Midland Craft Club weekly watch this space. Going to need a geansai load of coffee first though! LOL


Deborah said...

Thanks Mady - fun afternoon! I know - those cookies are sinful. My hubby smelled them when I came in - said "You've been at M&S" He then scoffed two before I could cook! *SIGH*

Here's the link for Benefit online:

If you spend more than $100 enter INTLSHIP in the coupon code for free shipping! Works out way cheaper... unless it's an emergency! ;-)

Great to see you yesterday. Talk soon!

Deborah said...

Mandy even... *SIGH*