Monday, 14 January 2008

Birthday Blues

Woke up this morning another year older, and god did I feel it!! I feel rotten, have a nasty sore throat, my nose and head is stuffed beyond belief and every part of my body is aching (insert tears), but on a brighter note, the kids hopped on me in the bed this morning, armed with smiley faces and happy birthdays stuffing gifts and cards in my face, bliss! So that has made up for it! And I had a fantastic weekend in Tullamore and Athlone, thank you Sandie for putting me up in your home, thanks to all the girls who attend Kelly's surprise birthday crop (happy birthday kelly!!!) great shopping, company and crafting, what more could you want, happy days! Finally finished off with a chinese with Sandie and Deborah and a "geansai" load of wine, and a very hazy memory! Oopppsss

Now its back to my leaba with a cup of Lemsip and piece of terrys chocolate orange!



Deborah said...

Aw Mandy - sorry you feel like shite. No fun at all. Happy birthday though! I downloaded that MSN thing - HadleysMayo at hotmail. Talk soon!

ScrappinMum said...

Awww poor thing! No fair being ill on your birthday!!! I hope you feel better soon...
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mandyyyyyyy, happy birthday to you!!!!!!!! ;o)

Oh, and I sent you an email...I hope I got the address right...I've not gotten it back but ye might check that you got one from me, it was early on a Monday morning, there's no telling what I wrote! LOL

Kristy C said...

Ohhhhhh Mandy! I am so sorry you are feeling sick! What a bummer!
I hope you get to feeling better!!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy that Chocolate Orange-those are one of my faves :)

jeanjeany said...

You've been tagged hun! Pop over to my blog to see it. Don't worry, no questionaires!!!

Lainey said...

Happy Birthday Mandy - hope you're over the bugs!