Saturday, 16 August 2008

9th birthday

My little boy is nine tomorrow, I can not believe it, not so little anymore! Where have those years gone, gone in a blink, because it only feels like a while ago that I was in hospital getting ready for my Csection, can still feel those labour pains!

So I had to get creative today, I made a cake (yes I made the cake LOL!!) of a castle, meant to be hogwarts castle. I spend hours and hours decorating it, and hate how it turned out, so no photos of that will be displayed!! But I know for sure James will love it, so thats all that counts. I made this too as his birthday card! tfl, mandyxx


Dianne said...

Great Card Mandy!! & I'm sure he will love the cake too! Happy Birthday to your DS!!

Elisa said...

Beautiful card, Mandy! Love it!

{would like too see the cake too...}

SandieShores said...

Happy birthday James!! Hope you all have a great day. The card is gorgeous :)

mo9ca said...

I just LOVE this card!! TFS!!

BTW; there's an award for you in my blog :)

have a nice day!