Saturday, 15 November 2008

todays pics

I spend most of today standing in a stream, and I loved it, a little gem of a walk only up the road, it was the most magical & peaceful place I have ever been, it is called the Holy Well, apparently famous, 2 appearences from the virgin mary, so they say. I only found out about it a while ago, people have come all over the world to visit. I dont know what is was about the place, I am not religious at all, but it was something else, there was something different about it, I can not describe it, it felt like it hugged you, I would have stayed standing in the stream picking up stones all day!...not a sound except running water, how lucky am I to have such an amazing gem of a location on my doorstep, took these pics with my mobile phone! tfl, mandyxx

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Kristy C said...

what fun boots those are!!