Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursdays Paperplay

Another week! Where are the weeks going to! This weeks challenge was set by Elisa,

"Credit Crunch:

Only use the basics in materials and tools: cardstock, scissors, pen, ink, needle & thread and glue - plus anything you can find around the house (excluding the craft room!) like tin foil, wrapping paper and potatoes (to make potato prints)."

This is what I came up with, the card base, is from shapes I had already cut using plain cardstock with my label nesties (bit of recycling)a while back, paper is from a book I didnt read and had lying around, lace is from the bottom of one of my vests, buttons are from baby clothes belong to my daughter, I also used a champangne cork as a stamp to stamp the edges of my labels, lettering is done on the roll from the kitchen roll and the stitching is done using some thread I had in my sewing kit! I was amazed at what I could come up with using NO CRAFTY stash whatsoever! Thanks for a great challenge Elisa! Oh yeah the twine is from the kitchen, had that left over from buying garden furniture last summer!

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deifen said...

Wow Mandy -thats so clever and looks so good-love the idea of using an old book and the twine looks great!
Dei xx