Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Stuffs from today! :)

Hope you all are well! Made two cards today, one I can share, other one has to wait until tomorrow, as its for Paperplay!! I finally decided it was time to visit the doctor today about my ankle, so I have more pills to take and cream to use, have to keep it rested (when doc said those words all I heard was more crafting time....guilt free!! lol!!!)

Today is also a special and sad day, its my nieces anniversary today, thinking of you Lizzie, special angel.


Saskia said...

Beautiful card!!

Thinking of Lizzie... sweet little angel...

Big hug,

Saskia :)

littlebit said...

thinking of little Lizzie tonight.xx

Beautiful photo.


sandra said...

Fantastic work!
Sorry to hear about your ankle(but happy so we will enjoy your work)lol!
Btw!I have metal deer and didn't know what to do with him.
Now you inspired me!

Dianne said...

Fantastic card Mandy!! Sorry to hear you have a sore ankle but happy crafting;)

The is a beautiful, if sad, photo.

Claire Brennan said...

Your stuff is gorgeous - mind if I link you?

God bless the wee one.

Gina said...

This is gorgeous Mandy, love the papers you have used :)
sorry it such a sad day for you
Hugs Gina xxx

Julie M said...

Gorgeous tag, Mandy. And Lizzie's picture - so beautiful and poignant. It's good and proper to be able to have mementoes like this to remember her by.


Julie xxx

Claudia Rosa said...

ooh.. my.. thats a beautful picture.. makes my heart heavy!
what a sad day.
i would love to hug you!

lovely card dear Mandy!

Neasa said...

That photo is heartbreaking Mandy. My heart goes out to you all. Take care hun. x

sandra said...