Friday, 16 July 2010

I forgot to share

my new books! sometimes this auld head does not work!  philip came home from work last week with these as a surprise, a beautiful copy of alice in wonderland and through the looking glass, complete with the beautiful tenniel colour illustrations, to say I LOVE this book is an understatement, it was my all time favorite when I was little, reading it over and over again, I only wish my mother didnt get rid of it when she cleared the attic out before moving, breaks my heart that my old loved copy is out there somewhere, would love to have it so much.  

and if that wasn't enough of a surprise seeing alice.... I pulled out this book from the waterstones paper bag too............

needless to say the man did good, he knows me so well, thank you baby! 

hope you are all having a good friday, hugs m xx


Karen said...

Oh my goodness HAVE to keep him...what a lovely, romantic, thoughtful man you have there! X

airing cupboard crafts said...

What a sweet Husband. Not to keen on Alice in Wonderland but Jane Austen wow one of my fav authors.

Oh what did you do with your Edward Cullen pic or did I miss that x