Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Mojo gone AWOL!!!!!!!!!

My mojo has gone, upt and left me, just like that, left now with no urge want or need to craft, and I am afraid it wont return sob sob, so to help me see if I can kick start it, I have ordered a pack of this to die for paper, and yes its basic grey, lol, wouldnt want to disappoint, you have to be consistant you know, and that I am. Its the euphoria collection, been ooogggling it for ages, imagining it being in my possession!! While I was shop hopping online this morning I came across it at CAS!! Woo hoo, and into the cart it fell, along with a few other BG bits and pieces ( well I couldnt leave them all alone in the store now could I, BLUSH) so fingers toes legs and arms crossed it will arrive at its new home tomorrow, along with my mojo in tow, please god! K over and out, gone to make a space amongst my other basic grey paper for it to sit! mandyxx

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SandieShores said...

Our mojo's have gone on holidays together!! Let's hope they send postcards,eh?? LOL!