Friday, 2 January 2009

Gone Digital

finally plucked up the courage to try a digital LO, after reading loads of Photoshop instructions, this is what happened, still working on shadows at the moment. Amazing what you read when you are ill in bed! The plus side is that I didnt need to print photos first, its wonderful, but will never replace paper and scissors for me, its good to have a bit of a change from the norm too, might be the way to go about getting my paper playing mojo back too, happy new year all, mandyxx


littlebit said...

The layout is nice Mandy. I cant ever see the digital version taking over for me....I just love the hands on cutting and sticking!! Brings me back to my childhood, when you got to pick bits of glue off your fingers for hours after you had finished working on something!!

Dianne said...

Lovely LO with a lovely pic!!
I'm having trouble getting the hang of paper scrapbooking let alone digital! lol

Marie Levite said...

Hi Mandy! Hope you get your paper mojo back soon but, congrats on giving digital a try. It looks great.

Happy 2009!