Saturday, 3 January 2009

one last one! LOL!!!!

just one more (digital) before I pull out the paper and scissors tomorrow!!!! Made this one while having my morning "wake me up coffee", so got to keep one hand on the coffee cup and one on the mouse! lol! tfl, mandyxx


Dianne said...

Another great LO! I just love the pics - they made me smile just looking at them.

Julie M said...

Great job, Mandy - I also love the one you've posted on CS. I can't imagine liking digital better than "real" paper and scissors too, though!!!!


P.S. Been meaning to ask you - how d'you get the "In love with Basic Grey" box thing to appear on your blog - I want one of those!!!

Julie M said...

Me again - thanks for the instructions. I am now officially "in love with Basic Grey"!!!! lol!!

Julie xx

SandieShores said...

Fantastic layouts!!! love them both :) Ya still can't beat paper and glue though!!! LOL