Friday, 15 May 2009

I am alive....

yes internet has gone down at home, I am over a week without it, and still waiting on and engineer to call to do repairs, I feel like a limb is missing, I havent been able to keep up with anyone! The plus side is that my house has been spring cleaned, and I have pulled, cleaned and painted to within an inch of my life! I want my internet back! I am in the library at the mo, only discovered they had internet access the other day, but you are not allowed to load anything on to their computers, so I cant share any of my creations with you {{{insert tears}}} so fingers crossed please that the engineer arrives and gets me online again! A Bientot! mandyxx


sandra said...

Fingers crossed.
I hope you will be back.(Terminators voice)lol!

Saskia said...


I feel so sorry for you!! Maybe THIS can cheer you up!!

Sweet greetings,

deifen said...

Poor Mandy!We've missed you alright!
I had to laugh when you said your house is spick and span since you've been 'netless!Sometimes I guiltily wonder if the house would be cleaner if I didn't spend so much time blogging and crafting-even my keyboard is covered in dust so there's my answer!!
Hope to have you back in blogland soon!
Dei xx

Marie Levite said...

Eeek! That really stinks. Also laughing about your house. Hope to see you back soon.

All Pink girl said...

Hope you get it sorted soon xxx
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