Monday, 11 January 2010

snowed in monday

hi all! hope you are all doing ok.  it is snowing  here in ireland.....snowing all the time...since last week and temps in the minus figures.....the govenment announced the schools stay closed till thursday, so the kiddos are climbing the walls as too is momma!!  we cant go anywhere because once will get the car finally out of the drive and down the hill there is now chance of getting back I well and truly have cabin fever!  so much so that I have a headache and cant face doing anything craft wise, I did manage to start painting again........havent painted since I had the kids, I used to paint all the time, day and night.  this painting is definately a mixed media one, as I have mixed my love for paint with my other passion PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have also been crocheting too, its perfect because I dont have to sit at my desk to do that I can sit curled up by the fire!!!

I got a lovely award from my friend sandra, thank you so much hun!
I dont have time just this minute to forward it on,  but I will do this week xx.

here is a sneek peek of my painting, I still have more to finish on it, but she is nearly 100% complete, so will share her as soon as she is done and dry!

my mission today is to finally make a card! and it will be my first card of wish me luck teeheeeee!

stay warm peeps, big hugs m xx

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sandra said...

I didn't know that you have that other talent!
Thank you for shearing!
Can't wait to see it all.I'm shore that it is amazing!

And you deserved that award!
When my Mojo leave me I just pop on your blog for some inspiration.

Hugs my friend!