Wednesday, 10 March 2010

spooky similar!

..just a quick one, wanted to share something I stumbled across this morning, while hopping around blog land with my morning coffee ( I was really waiting on the kids to brush their teeth!!)  anyways on my cyber travels I found a pic of a LO from the Hambly booth at this years CHA.............

remind you of anything?????

I did nearly spit my coffee out...spooky similar of what!...either I inspired (which I doubt)  but probably a coincidence! anyways I thought I would share!

I am still sick here too (and thank you all so much for your get well messages xx) tablets not working to well, so another visit to the doctor is on the cards...I have not been near my desk at all,  it is starting to buckle at the legs as it has become the place where you plonk something down that you havent got a home for yet!! not a pretty site! my time is spend under a blanket in the corner of our sofa crocheting and making toadstools!  when I am feeling better I will take some pics!

hugs m xx


sandra said...

Same idea-different papers!

I hope you will be better soon.
I'm still having nose to my knees!
But I'm much better now.


Debbie said...

Wow your blog is too cute! Love your cards and thanks for becoming a follower on mine, im glad i followed you back over to yours! :D


Dianne said...

Ummmm yes, bit of a co-incidence isn't it;) Loving your version though!!

Hope you are feeling better now Mandy ((hugs))

shelly said...

gorgeous layouts! i so love your style .