Saturday, 11 September 2010

love storey

*** EDITED TO SAY: I will post up the details with pics during the week of how I made this box :)***

lovely dovey overload.....if you are squeamish you need to look away now, this will have you reaching for a bucket hehehehehehe!

this is the creative product of my prima kit that I received from crafty alley in killarney.........I love love love love love this kit, did I say I loved it!  I spend days pulling it out of its bag and just stroking it and looking at it in awe :)  I knew I could keep this up for months, so to stop myself & stop that fear I have of taking a scissors to papers I adore there was only one thing for it and that was to start cutting and scoring........first score hurt (ok ok I just couldnt cut the paper, head hanging in shame, so I did this scoring break myself in you see!) but I then got into the swing of it!  that done I decided it was time to scrap our engagement photos.........two years after the event!  at this rate I have a chance of organising a wedding in maybe the next 20 years I reckon, I am shockingly bad :)

hope you all have a lovely weekend, this lady has some housework to get on top of and is making a curry from scratch! enjoy your weekend fun peeps, xx


Crafty Chris said...

Wow this stunning just perfect.
Chris x

Kate said...

Gorgeous Work Mandy!
I know what you mean it's SOOOOOO hard to cut into pretty papers LOL

Handmade with Love said...

Yum homemade curry I'm on my way over! This is seriously gorgeous Mandy and lovely photo's too! Also love the cards on your previous post, I have been lusting after that tree stamp for weeks now, its great! Tracey x

Leanne said...

WOW this is absolutely stunning!!! Can I ask how you made the box?

Thank you for sharing!

Leanne xx

Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! x

sandra said...

This is sweetest thing ever!!!
I admire your courage!!!
But in the end it pay off!lol.
I have few things in my stash that I'm scare to cut or

Can't wait to see tutorial...

gerslittlesnippets said...

Incredible work. So inspiring. Love the delicate colours.
Geraldine x

gerslittlesnippets said...

Incredible work. So inspiring. Love the delicate colours.
Geraldine x