Monday, 20 February 2012

wings wall hanging.....with video

hello all, hope you are all well and happy.  we had a lazy sunday here yesterday and I had an overwhelming urge to put paint on paper all day, so after all that had to be done in the house (or as much as!!)  I had an hour to spare before "call the midwife" started on bbc1 last night, new favorite programme, hope it doesn't end soon, anyhoooooowwww I grabbed a sheet of watercolour paper (leftovers) and made myself put down some colour and pencils lines, without thinking about it, and boy was that hard.  I realise I don't create enough because I over think, I think too much about what I am going to do, paint, or make and need to just get on with it, and what happened surprised myself.  I manage to create a little painting and messily done too ( I definitely over think and try to be neat when painting, this is stopping now!!) she/aka green haired girl appeared so quickly on the page and I was done with her layout and coloring in within the hour, result..happy days...........I am definitely painting like that again :)
so I sat down with coffee in hand at my desk this morning waiting on the kids while they fought, shouted and basically killed each other trying to get ready for school (mornings are pure stress here!!)  and I spotted my painted lady from last night, so in a moment of stress and escape I decided I wouldn't just put her away in my folder, I was going to use her, make something of her and make a kids off to school I parked my bottom done and got on with it and this is the result :).............amazing what stress and some get up and go does for ya, hope you enjoy it, first time editing a video so hopefully I will get the hang of it and get to share more, have a great day, hugs xx

p.s   distress watercolouring video didn't happen last thursday as I ran out of the watercolour paper I use for the inks and picked up the wrong replacement one in the art shop....arrgghhhhhh.......will be watercolour paper shopping on saturday ....sorry !


Karen said...

Oh Mandy, this is really lovely!!! Your video is excellent xxx

Felicia said...

This is lovely - will you do a tutorial on editing videos? please? i've never done it but NEED to!
Love your green haired girl x