Sunday, 9 September 2007

Rugby widow - part 2

Phew! I have one contained in room with his star wars toys and other is down having a nap - exhale! My blackmail notion backfired on me big time, they where bouncing off the walls, maybe I shouldn't have bought those sweets!

In a desparate attempt to bring a touch of France to my day, seeing as OH is rambling around Bordeaux, I bought a lovely bottle of chardonnay (and yes I restrained myself to only buying one), that is as we speak cooling nicely in my fridge and waiting in anticipation for the kids bed time to roll it 8 o'clock yet??????
Where at 8pm I will be running at the fridge like a woman possessed with wine opener in tow. So in the mean time I am going to finish off those craft projects I have left scattered all around the place half done! A Bientot!

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Neasa said...

Ha ha! Hope that wine was chilled on time and that you enjoyed it! Thanks for popping by my blog!