Saturday, 1 September 2007

Look what arrived......................

Woke up yesterday morning to find a little delivery of kittens in my en-suite!! Ahhhhh!! Jess (mammy cat) set herself up in the basket with not a wimper or peep out of her. We kind of knew she was expecting but only in the last week or so. It was like Santy was after coming, but as much as I love my cats, I can't be the owner of 9 of them now! So, I will have to part with some of them when the time comes, god it is gonna break my heart, will try not to get too attached.

And, yes one of them looks like little "george" so he will be staying!

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Neasa said...

Ahhhh, so cute now but wait till they start mewing in the middle of the night. Amazing how loud they can get when momma leaves the basket......!