Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday determination!

I will get all those projects on my table finished, all those half finished ones, the ones I start, then get distracted because I have found something else that sparkles and catches my eye!. Maybe if I say it enough I will start to believe it and convince myself lol!! I have canvas's, albums (ok loads of albums) that I so have to finish, some that have been there since since last years crafteire and now with it being a year later and another crafteire taking place this weekend, I feel shamed into completeting them, so thats the plan for today, to lock myself to my desk and get something, anything finished............................will start after the coffee kicks in! Wish me luck, if I am not back with a post by.........this evening I am lost forever! Have a great weekend, hugs mandyxx


Lynn said...

hope it went as planned :)

SandieShores said...

I take it you're lost forever then???? haha!!

C'mon, I wanna see the finished projects :)