Wednesday, 25 August 2010

blog award

I received this lovely lovely award from the equally lovely twilglet, who creates the most amazing dumfings, she is one talented lady, thank you so much hunny xx 

I need to name three things that I like about myself and then pass this award on to 7 bloggers, the choice of recipents is very hard as you are all a great bunch of lovely people and super talented.

to name three things about myself if very difficult for me, I am always the first one to dish, give out and leave myself last, an unfortunate coping mechanism I have learned!  time for a change me thinks and this is just the push I need, maybe just maybe I will come to part believe them :)

1.  I clean, and I mean clean, like a madwoman most the time! but I think its a good thing, no germies... I hope!

2.  I sort out everyone else's problems and woes

3.  I like my creative streak, wish it was more flowing, but it is there so I suppose its good!.

now that I have named 3 things I could list a 100 that I hate, but I wont or you will all be falling into your keyboards with lovely big key indents in your face!.........god that was hard......:P

now for the passing on bit, this bit I can do, easy peasy cos I love you all, your comments and support are what keeps me going xx

1. its going back to twiglet, cos you are one lovely lady, and I love reading your comments hunny xx

2.  Juls, you always love what I create and it means the world to me

3.  Linda, you make me laugh hunny and I love your love for our lord tim :)

4.  Kaz, I LOVE your creations!

5. karen, for you kind words and support

6.  sandra, for being there, always xx

7.  and my fellow gorjuss lover the talented Julie

there is so many of you that I would to list xx


Twiglet said...

Aw - thanks for those kind words - I am chuckling cos I thought I had Linda on my list but she must have dropped off somewhere in the process. lol. She makes me giggle too! Have a great week.

Karen said...

Awe....thank you my lovely XXX

sandra said...

Congrats on award!
And it is pleasure to be here!
Thank you!