Sunday, 15 August 2010

craft stash swap

......knew that would get your attention! LOL!!!

calling all you lovely crafter's out there, there is a new blog that has been set up by the lovely sweet sandra, called "craft swap 4u" a place were we can place our unused stash, that stash that you are unsure of keeping and definitely don't want to see in the bin, a place to give it a new home and some creative love :) and a bonus you get to say what you would really like to receive in return so get your mouse clicking and pop over and check it out!! it will be great when we get going, join in and get into the swing of it!  I am going to work on what I am parting with tonight...............I have known I have needed to do this for ages, to purge! and this has given me the push to get going!  happy sunday, hugs m xx


sandra said...

Thank you Mandy for speeding a word!
Sandra! said...

What a great idea!