Monday, 30 August 2010

in my daughter's eyes

morning :)  I have a quiet house here today, kids are back at school, so I am going to sit back and soak up the silence here today :)

I have a layout to share with you, one I started on saturday evening and got finished last night, I have been wanting to scrap this pic of sophie for ages and the usual happened it just got left in my pile! so after a rummage through my stash and a play with my printer settings this is the finished piece.  I would like to find somewhere in her room to display this, but there is so much in there already I will be struggling!  

hope you all have a lovely monday, hugs m xx

Friday, 27 August 2010

created a mosaic

got a play with this mosaic maker this morning, its brilliant, you will need to have a flickr account where you have your photos stored to use, makes it  much easier! have a lovely weekend,  hugs m xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

dorothy tag book swap finished tags

they are finished, and I am happy with how they turned out, isn't it amazing how we can have a clear idea in our head of what we want to make and then when we get going creativity takes us down a completely different path......well these tags are point in case, not at all what was in my head.  

I am going to be sending these little tags on their merry little way across the atlantic to stop at karla's lovely cottage, where there they will be turned into books and I will receive a completed tag book back to treasure, so excited and looking forward to seeing it :)

halloween bunting

hello!  have some bunting to share with you today :)  this has been finished since last week, but I am only getting around to share it now, real life is just super busy right now, so taking a few moments to sit down with a coffee and blog post.  I have created this using the beautiful cards from Graphic 45 that my lovely friend sherry kindly sent me, I am going to create a few wall hangings with the papers from this range when the kids are back at school next week. 

I will be back later with my finished tags for the dorthy tag swap too, thanks for popping by and have a lovely day.

p.s. excuse the pic quality, was really hard to get the full length of the bunting in one shot and more difficult to find somewhere to hang it, did'nt realise I had made it so long, got a bit carried away..ooppppssss!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

blog award

I received this lovely lovely award from the equally lovely twilglet, who creates the most amazing dumfings, she is one talented lady, thank you so much hunny xx 

I need to name three things that I like about myself and then pass this award on to 7 bloggers, the choice of recipents is very hard as you are all a great bunch of lovely people and super talented.

to name three things about myself if very difficult for me, I am always the first one to dish, give out and leave myself last, an unfortunate coping mechanism I have learned!  time for a change me thinks and this is just the push I need, maybe just maybe I will come to part believe them :)

1.  I clean, and I mean clean, like a madwoman most the time! but I think its a good thing, no germies... I hope!

2.  I sort out everyone else's problems and woes

3.  I like my creative streak, wish it was more flowing, but it is there so I suppose its good!.

now that I have named 3 things I could list a 100 that I hate, but I wont or you will all be falling into your keyboards with lovely big key indents in your face!.........god that was hard......:P

now for the passing on bit, this bit I can do, easy peasy cos I love you all, your comments and support are what keeps me going xx

1. its going back to twiglet, cos you are one lovely lady, and I love reading your comments hunny xx

2.  Juls, you always love what I create and it means the world to me

3.  Linda, you make me laugh hunny and I love your love for our lord tim :)

4.  Kaz, I LOVE your creations!

5. karen, for you kind words and support

6.  sandra, for being there, always xx

7.  and my fellow gorjuss lover the talented Julie

there is so many of you that I would to list xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

another wall hanging!

I think I may be addicted to making these!!!  bit of a pattern forming :)  got some gorjuss play time this weekend,  which is always good, and finished off my sons birthday card too, thanks for popping by, hugs m xx

Sunday, 15 August 2010

craft stash swap

......knew that would get your attention! LOL!!!

calling all you lovely crafter's out there, there is a new blog that has been set up by the lovely sweet sandra, called "craft swap 4u" a place were we can place our unused stash, that stash that you are unsure of keeping and definitely don't want to see in the bin, a place to give it a new home and some creative love :) and a bonus you get to say what you would really like to receive in return so get your mouse clicking and pop over and check it out!! it will be great when we get going, join in and get into the swing of it!  I am going to work on what I am parting with tonight...............I have known I have needed to do this for ages, to purge! and this has given me the push to get going!  happy sunday, hugs m xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

recent creations

hello! how are you all, well I hope :)

I have two creations to share with you today, I made a girly birthday card, which was delivered yesterday and today I created this dress, using a template I made up myself, think I will make more of these, really enjoyed making this :)  I am working on my sons birthday card too today, he will be 11 next week, so I will share that with you when I have to done, I can share away here as he isn't blogging or near the computer so he has not chance of seeing it!  have a lovely weekend, hugs m xx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Compendium of Curiosities, Week 8

morning peeps!!! 
this is my first time getting a project finished on time to submit to the wonderful studio l3 blog, which is a blog that challenges us tim lovers to a new technique from his compendium book, our bible!  this week we turned our pages to page 39 to create some inked grunge and this is my entry!  
myself and karen got some mammy play time yesterday while the kids bounced around the house yesterday, we set ourselves our own little challenge to use two sheets of paper, a slider card and tims bingo embossing board!  dont you just love mammy play time!  have a lovely wednesday, hugs m xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shabby Tea Room Week #21

I created this little bird house to enter as this weeks challenge over on the Shabby Tea Room Challenge Blog,  this week we had to use this beautiful picture as our colour theme and inspiration, have a lovely tuesday, hugs m xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

a flowery saturday

it wasn't planned but when I sat at my desk yesterday I started making fabric flowers, lollipop ones and shabby ones :)  when the blue ones where made I knew what I wanted them for, I have been wanting to do some alice inspired atc's for a few weeks now, so I got playing!  here they are, my daughter has already pinched one!  hope you all have a lovely sunday, hugs m xx